PNPCODA. ph Login | Updated PNP COVID-19 DATA ( Login)

PNPCODA: An Introduction

PNPCODA: What do you need to know? PNP stands for Philippine National Police, and CODA stands for Covid-19 Vaccination data. Under the name of PNPCODA, about 26,000 policemen work. Covid-19 data can be browsed and downloaded through the PNPCODA data portal. Several departments collaborated to create the database, including the Philippine National Police, the Department of Interior and Local Government, and the Department of Information Technology.

As a result of the creation of this site, vaccination procedures became more manageable and safe for everyone. The records on this website can only be read and written by Filipinos because it was created exclusively for them. 

Government employees are the only ones who can log in to the PNPCODA website. Please find below information about PNP CODA Login and PNPCoda .ph Login: logging requirements

  • The ability to connect to the internet is critical for devices.
  • It is possible to access PNPCODA’s website by clicking on the link above or by visiting
  • The login process requires an account.
  • In the absence of an existing account, you will not be able to register a new one. Since Pnpcoda personal accounts have already been created, even Filipinos are unable to register for a new account.

Benefits of Pnpcoda

The Pnpcoda website is a secure and well-managed platform that can handle the data of all Filipino citizens, categorized into two groups: armed citizens and non-armed citizens. This web portal efficiently processes a vast amount of data while maintaining a high level of security.


  • Secure internet site pndcoda
  • The secure internet site pndcoda keeps track of the immunization status of all Filipinos living in the country.
  • Of course, the pndcoda website is operated by the government.


  • Every part of an administration must be addressed.
  • Pnpcoda’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for government officials and healthcare workers to manage and analyze enormous amounts of data related to the immunization status of Filipinos.
  • The implementation of this strategy has enabled many individuals to learn new topics and skills, which can lead to personal and professional growth.

PNDCODA website

The PNPCODA website provides the most convenient way to access information and data on the coronavirus infection and vaccine. With a PNPCODA login, you can obtain precise information on the global pandemic scenario. It’s worth noting that the government will be able to assess your status regarding the pandemic, which can help in managing and mitigating the spread of the virus.

Registering for a login allows the website to keep track of your vaccination status and Covid-19 test results. This information can be helpful in managing the pandemic and providing personalized guidance for individuals.

PNPCODA .ph Login

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Login and account PNP help centre

There are two ways to create a new account on PNP: you can either use your Facebook or Google account, or sign up using an existing email address in their system. Alternatively, you can also register using various social media sites, such as Twitter or LinkedIn.

FAQS about PNPCoda

What exactly is Pnpcoda?

Ans: PNPCODA is a website in the Philippines that is used by the government to keep track of vaccination records. According to the World Health Organization, the website is designed to help manage and mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Only authorized users are able to access the site, which is used to monitor who has been vaccinated and who has not. 

How to Create a QR Code Using website?

Ans: To generate a QR code using the PNPCODA website, workers need to provide their account number, pay stub, or date of birth. For civilians, providing their date of birth is a must. Once the required information is entered, the website will generate a unique QR code that can be used for various purposes, such as tracking vaccination status or for contact tracing. It’s important to note that only authorized users are able to access and use the PNPCODA website.


PNPCODA Login and Login are websites used to keep track of COVID-related updates in the Philippines. The government accesses this information through authorized staff members. Users can choose to login using their Google or Facebook account, or even other social media platforms. By logging in, individuals can access important information and updates related to the pandemic, such as vaccination status and testing results. It’s important to note that these websites are highly secure and only authorized users are able to access them.