New Gadgets for the Holidays: 4 Tips for Gifting Smartphones or Other Gadgets for 2022

With the holiday season approaching, more people are thinking about what to give to their loved ones or themselves this year. Giving tech as gifts has become much more popular in recent years, and more people want new gadgets to start their New Year’s or because their current devices are giving them out.

If you decide to buy a device around the holiday period, you might run into bumps along the way. Luckily for you, there are always tips and tricks to help you minimize those holiday rush woes. 

3 Popular Gadgets to Give as Gifts for the Holidays 

Because it is the season of giving, some people can request things they may usually not get any other time of the year. For example, children would feel more inclined to ask their parents for more expensive gifts. After all, most gadgets are just sophisticated toys ready to be played with. 

Below are common devices people give as gifts to their friends and loved ones. 

  • Smartphones

Smartphones are possibly the most popular gadget to give as a holiday season gift, and they aren’t just for your loved ones, either; they’re perfect to buy for yourself too. An NPD Group study found that purchase intent for consumer electronics was highest for smartphones this holiday season. 

It’s easy to see why smartphones are such a popular gift. They’re highly convenient for the digital age and packed with features that can make life much more manageable.

  • Laptops

While most smartphone brands also offer laptops, they may be as popular as phones because of their different sizes, weights, and prices. Nevertheless, giving a laptop as a gift to shows a level of thought and care that went into planning the gift.

Most people use laptops for work or school purposes and come in various sizes, weights, ecosystems, and designs. So there’s always a suitable model for everyone.  

  • Tablets

Tablets are a hybrid of phones and laptops in many ways. They are small enough to be portable like a phone but large and capable enough to act as an alternative to laptops. They are also good gifts for children since they can provide an enhanced learning experience through video, photos, and audio visualizations. 

4 Tips for Buying Gadgets as a Gift 

It’s essential to consider different factors when buying gadgets as Christmas gifts. Often, these include your budget, how early you’ll be doing your holiday shopping, and what the recipient has on their wish list. Check out the 4 tips below to guide you on your Christmas shopping.

  • Don’t buy from untrustworthy sites

One of the biggest things to watch out for is purchasing a gadget from shady or unreputable sites. Since it’s the holidays, the hectic environment can lead some people to buy gifts on sites that offer the best prices rather than those with the best reputation. 

This can eventually lead to predatory behavior where you can fall into a seemingly legitimate site selling gadgets that are actually scams

  1. Don’t buy second-hand products without knowing their condition

Another pitfall you should avoid is buying second-hand gadgets without inspecting them first. Always meet with the seller to try the device yourself before sealing the deal. 

If meetups are out of the question, you can always request videos and photos of the product sold. You should also consider asking the seller questions about the product, like its condition and any hidden issues or bugs.  

  1. Consider what the recipient wants 

You buy gifts because it’s what the other person wants. You shouldn’t buy something you want and expect the other person to accept it. For example, if the person you plan to give a gift to is struggling with their phone because it’s slowly malfunctioning, you might feel more inclined to give them a newer phone as a holiday gift instead of a tablet or laptop.   

  1. Don’t always buy the latest model

The flagship models of devices released a few years ago can be an alternative if you don’t want to spend too much getting the latest tech model. Older models will save you money and often have similar performance and specs as the latest models. 

Additionally, when new gadgets are released, their predecessors are usually sold at discounted prices during the holidays, helping you save money on these great gifts.

‘Tis the Season to be Techy

New gadgets continue to be popular gifts for the holidays. Because of the demand spikes around the holidays, following these tips is essential to ensure you have a merry shopping experience. They can also help you avoid unwanted transactions with other people.