Juana Ahumada (Everything You Want to Know About Pedro Rivera’s Wife)

“Juana Ahumada was well-known as Pedro Rivera’s wife. She was a former assistant to Pedro Rivera. She becomes the spouse of a very famous actor and she is currently being discussed on the internet. Pedro Rivera is a popular song recording artist in Mexico. He is the father of famous singers Lupillo Rivera and Jenni Rivera.”

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  • Juana Ahumada had a biography.
  • “There is a summary of Juana Ahumada Pedro Rivera’s Wife.”
  • When did Juana Ahumada and Pedro Rivera meet?
  • Juana Ahumada is a professional
  • Juana Ahumada is on social media.
  • “The life of Juana Ahumada, Pedro Rivera’s wife.”
  • Community reaction about Pedro Rivera Juana Ahumada.
  • “What is Juana Ahumada’s net worth?”
  • Juana Ahumada has a physical appearance.
  • Their Marital Life is discussed in an interview.
  • About the father of Rivera.
  • There is a bottom line.

Juana Ahumada had a biography.

After marrying Pedro Rivera, Juana Ahumada became famous in the community. She worked as an assistant for almost 8 years. The assistant and boss relationship worked out and the couple started dating. They were married in the year 2019. The couple seems to be in love with each other, regardless of their age difference.

“There is only a small amount of information about her on the internet. Pedro Rivera’s new wife was born in the United States of America in August 1982. She is an American-Mexican and owns a mixed genealogy heirloom. Juana Ahumada is of Mexican descent and was raised in a strict household. Like Juana, there isn’t much information on the internet about her parents and siblings, except that she was born in a wealthy Mexican family. Juana is 40 years old, according to her date of birth. Her exact date of birth, birthday, zodiac sign, age, and other birth facts are unknown to the public From her previous job as an assistant, we assume she is a woman with a degree. Juana doesn’t give any information about her early education.”

“There is a summary of Juana Ahumada Pedro Rivera’s Wife.”

Name: Juana Ahumada

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 7th August 1982 (Not Confirmed Yet)

Age: 40 Years (According to Rumors)

Profession: Former Assistant of Pedro Rivera

Relationship Status: Married to Pedro Rivera

Nationality: American

Birthplace: United States of America

Net Worth: $500k (According to Sources)

When did Juana Ahumada and Pedro Rivera meet?

“The couple got married in a private ceremony in 2019. Their wedding took place in California. Security officers were at the wedding. Pedro Rivera’s kids were the only ones who knew about their relationship at that time. Pedro Rivera made this new public. Pedro revealed his spouse’s name on the Mexican show.”

Juana Ahumada is a professional

Juana has not disclosed any information about her past jobs. For the past 8 years, Juana Ahumada was an assistant to her husband. The couple started showing interest in each other later.

Juana Ahumada is on social media.

“Pedro Rivera’s spouse is inactive on social media. She does not have a social media account. She is popular because she married a celebrity. She will end up like any other American woman if this scene wasn’t with her.”

“The life of Juana Ahumada, Pedro Rivera’s wife.”

Juana Ahumada secretly dated Pedro Rivera for 2 years before she married him. Pedro married his first wife, Rosa Saavedra, in 1963. The couple ended their relationship in 2008 after a year of dispute. Pedro and Saavedra have six children named Pedro Rivera Jr., Lupillo Rivera, Rosie Rivera, and Juan Rivera.

“Pedro and Juana don’t have kids. A couple is enjoying their married life in a house.”

Community reaction about Pedro Rivera Juana Ahumada.

“Pedro Rivera owns the hearts of hundreds of people on social media platforms. Social media users show their disguises after marrying Juana Ahumada. Pedro’s ex- spouse Doa Rosa Saavedra won people’s hearts for more than 40 years as a wife of Pedro, one of the many reasons for it. Pedro stated in an interview that he doesn’t want to make the same mistakes as he did before.”

According to Line, he said that as individuals, we make numerous mistakes and every day we learn something new from our mistakes. He is becoming a kind of person that goes straight to what he wants.

Pedro is criticized by the public for marrying a young lady and they leave a lot of mean comments on his posts. Take a look at some of the disguise comments.

  • Claudi8042018: she looks like his granddaughter. So true, money can cause miracles….
  • Vrubioamore: please someone give some dressing sense to them…..the song is horrible and they look like a bunch of clowns…..
  • Srosai: this family never fails to make a fool of themselves in public….

“What is Juana Ahumada’s net worth?”

“The net worth of Pedro Rivera’s wife is half a million dollars. She created all of her wealth by working as an assistant to Pedro. Juana Ahumada has a secondary source of earning that is not known to the public. She does not need to work because she is the wife of a famous person. Juana Ahumada has enough money to live a luxurious lifestyle.”

Juana Ahumada has a physical appearance.

There is not much information about the lady available on the internet. She has been estimated her weight and height. A woman with a height of 5 feet 5 inches is an average-looking American. Her body measurement is 28-32-40 inches.

Their Marital Life is discussed in an interview.

After a few months of marriage, Pedro Rivera broke the news about Juana Ahumada. After a celebrity broke his marriage news in an interview, fans of Latin and Jazz music are happy. Pedro and Juana spoke to the public on a show called “A New Day”, which is a famous Un Nuevo Dia Program. Juana was asked a lot of questions about the wedding. She said that Pedro is a person who loves his work and has extreme passion for it. He does not give up easily on things he cares about. He shows great respect for other people.

“Pedro stated that he doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes he made in his 40’s years with Saavedra. Pedro Rivera said that we are still humans who learn from our mistakes. I have become a person who is open-minded towards people and goes directly to what I am doing.”

“Pedro doesn’t have a photo of Juana on his account because most of the people who follow him on social media know he loves uploading photos. Juana became the mother of all the children of Pedro after she married him.”

About the father of Rivera.

The husband of Juana Ahumada is a popular producer, writer, and entertainer. He has appeared in a number of Mexican shows. Pedro is 77 years old and living a good life. He revealed his new marriage on the show. Although Juana is younger and more attractive than Pedro Rivera users still compare her to his first wife,Rosa. Juana was accused of marrying Pedro for fame and money by the social media users.

Pedro was asked what the difference was between his first and second marriage. The man said that he is trying not to repeat the mistakes he made in the past.

“In 2008 Don Pedro divorced his first wife, Saavedra, after being unfaithful. Rivera does not want to mix his private life with his public work. He said that he didn’t want to tell anyone about his second marriage, but he had to.”

Don Pedro Rivera has a social media profile that contains more information.

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There is a bottom line.

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